Applying for Adoption


If you are interested in adopting a BMD, please know that adoptions are not placed on a first come first serve basis.  We evaluate every application and conduct home visits to identify the best fit between BMD and family.  Given that we often do not get many rescues into our program, applicants should be prepared to wait.


Please complete the adoption application and submit to Kathy Gray


                Rescue Adoption Application



Turning in a Berner or Reporting a Berner in Need:


If you, or anyone you know is aware of a Berner in Southern California in need of rescue or rehoming, please contact our Rescue Chair, Kathy Gray at (714) 738-8099.   Our Club will assist any Berner in need.


If you are aware of a Berner in need in another part of the country, please contact the Regional Bernese Mountain Dog Club for that area, or the National Rescue Committee that can be found at


The BMDCSC has posted our Rescue information at most shelters in the Southern California region, but this cannot always be relied upon; we will gladly accept help from all concerned about the breed and appreciate reports of BMDs in any shelter in Southern California.


Any Southern California rescue that accepts a BMD in their program is also encouraged to contact the Club for placement assistance.


**Please Be Aware - The BMDCA's Rescue Committee, BARC Inc, and the Regional Club Rescues are the only valid, endorsed, and reputable Bernese Rescues in the U.S.; please be aware of any independent and un-vetted Rescue Groups calling themselves "Bernese Rescue" without any affiliation with the Bernese Community and think twice before giving money to such groups.  If in doubt, please check with the BMDCA for verification before donating.



Dogs Available for Adoption:

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