Finding a Berner

If you are looking for a Berner, please contact our Public Education Coordinator and Breed Ambassador for referrals and assistance.  She maintains a list of responsible breeders who have a litter or are planning a litter in the near future and can advise you on availability and location.


The following information is very helpful and educational regarding the breed and acquiring your first Berner and we recommend you review these first:



How to Become a BMD Owner

Puppy Buyer's Guide (BMDCSEW)


            BMDCA Breed Education & Informaton


            Red Flags from Breeders


            Why Ethical Breeders Do Not Mix their Berners




Our Breed Ambassador can provide you with additional information and answer any questions you have about the breed, and breeders. She is further available to provide assistance with bringing your new Berner home, house training, socializing and training, nutrition, and general care.


For referrals or assistance, please contact Jennifer Zaayer



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