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Patricia McConnell's Blog


How to Choose a Trainer

How to Choose a Dog Trainer – Sensible K9


Patricia McConnell's Training/Behavior Website


Karen Pryor's Training Website & Trainer Search Tool


Ian Dunbar's Training/Behavior Website

Resources | Sirius Dog Training (


Information on Dr. Jean Dodds and her Services



The Other End of the Leash

Patricia McConnell

A guide to dog body language (


Canine Body Language - A Photograhic Guide

Brenda Aloff


Before And After You Get Your Puppy

Ian Dunbar


The Bernese Mountain Dog: A Dog of Destiny

Bernd Guenter


The Bernese Mountain Dog - Yesterday and Today

Silvana Vogel-Tedeschi


A great source for books and supplies


Carting with your dog: Positive Draft Training for fun and competition

Laura Waldbaum


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