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Applying for Adoption


If you are interested in adopting a BMD, please know that adoptions are not placed on a first come first serve basis.  We evaluate every application and conduct home visits to identify the best fit between BMD and family.  Given that we often do not get many rescues into our program, applicants should be prepared to wait.


If you want to be considered for one of our Berner Rescues, please                        

complete an adoption application and submit to Rachel Finlay:                                       Rescue Adoption Application




Turning in a Berner or Reporting a Berner in Need:


If you, or anyone you know is aware of a Berner in Southern California in need of rescue or rehoming, please contact our Rescue Chair, Rachel Finlay @ 949-246-1657.   Our Club will assist any Berner in need.


If you are aware of a Berner in need in another part of the country, please contact the Regional Bernese Mountain Dog Club for that area, or the National Rescue Committee that can be found at


The BMDCSC has posted our Rescue information at most shelters in the Southern California region, but this cannot always be relied upon; we will gladly accept help from all concerned about the breed and appreciate reports of BMDs in any shelter in Southern California.


Any Southern California rescue that accepts a BMD in their program is also encouraged to contact the Club for placement assistance.


**Please Be Aware - The BMDCA's Rescue Committee, BARC Inc, and the Regional Club Rescues are the only valid, endorsed, and reputable Bernese Rescues in the U.S.; please be aware of any independent and un-vetted Rescue Groups calling themselves "Bernese Rescue" without any affiliation with the Bernese Community and think twice before giving money to such groups.  If in doubt, please check with the BMDCA for verification before donating.



Dogs Available for Adoption:


ADOPTED July 2017

Marley is a 2 year old,  neutered boy who is half Berner, and half Newfoundland.  He was relinquished to us because his owner is moving and does not have the means or time to care for him.  He is healthy and sound and ready for his new forever home.  He has the head/face of a Newfoundland, but the coat of a Berner and smaller sized than a Newfie.


Update:  Marley is staying with his foster family after engrossing himself with their pack. He is now living with two other Berners and showed everyone he has found his home.


ADOPTED November 2015

Jake is a 9 month old neutered male Berner/Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mix.   He looks more like a Swissy than a Berner in size and coat.  He is currently weighing in at 97 pounds so he's a big boy.  He is looking for a home where he can grow into his adult self and become a great dog.   He is very sweet, but very strong and active, needing some training.  He does walk well on a leash, gets along with other dogs, likes everyone, and seems to be fine with cats.  At the vet's office, he was within three feet of some kitties and he ignored them  Not sure if he saw them loose how it might go.  He has all vaccinations up to date and appears to be sound and healthy.


The ideal home for Jake would be a place with no small children, and an active family who would like a large, enthusiastic boy.  Although he looks like an adult, he is really still very much a puppy and currently at the adolescent stage.


His family needs to be committed to do some training in a manor approved by our Rescue Group using only non punishing methods (positive reinforcement required).


UPDATE:  Jake has gone to his new home on 11 acres, up in Washington State with a family who was approved by the Greater Swiss Rescue. Jake is loving his new home and people where he is getting the space, attention, and care he needs.


ADOPTED October 2015

Guinness is a 9 month old young girl who came to us due to a very sad situation; her dad lost his battle with cancer and her mom made the difficult and selfless decision to place Guinness in a new home that could devote the love and attention she needs, without grief.


Guiness is a high energy adolescent girl who requires training to teach her how to control her enthusiasm.


UPDATE:  Guinness is now settling into her new home, after relatives could not bear to part with her.  We are happy for Guinness that she has her home!


ADOPTED September 2015

Charlotte will be 7 years old in November, and sadly her family had to move out of their home and could no longer keep her.


UPDATE:  Charlotte has been adopted by her foster family, who fell in love with her.  She lives in San Diego and loves going to the beach.














Fritzy Bear

ADOPTED August 2015

Fritzy Bear, his new name, was selflessly given to us after his mom realized her work schedule and traveling did not afford her the time to devote to him as he deserved.  He is a very sweet, and easy going guy who just loves being with his people.


Fritzy Bear now lives in San Diego and loves going every where with his new mom and dad.


ADOPTED June 2015

Maya is a 5 year old girl who came to us after her family could no longer cope or treat her severe allergies.  Maya has just undergone another ear hematoma surgery and is now in our care for her allergies.


UPDATE:  Maya has been adopted by a loving couple who is committed to feeding Maya a raw diet and treating her allergies.  Maya is doing wonderfully right now with clear ears, no paw licking and her coat is coming back in shiny and new.  We hope Maya continues on this path.


ADOPTED January 2015

Pokey is a Berner mix in Northern California that we are posting in cooperation with NorCal Rescue.  Here is their description of him:


Pokey needs a forever home, he is a Berner mix, 4 years old, neutered, housetrained, great with kids, needs training on a leash, likes to ride in the car, very sweet boy, I am told by his previous owner that Pokey is not cat or small dog friendly.  We understand that Pokey does fine with larger dogs that are not treated as "prey".


Feel free to contact Terri Whalen at if you are interested.


ADOPTED January 2015

Niko is  a young boy and just turned 3 years old in November. He came to us from his owners who recognized that their home situation was not an ideal fit for Niko or their kids. Niko does not excel and do best with a busy household and kids and therefore Niko is looking for a quiet home with no young children or dogs where he can be the sweet, loving and playful boy that he is.


While in our care, Niko has been working on some behaviors including resource guarding, calmly responding to dogs he meets, and coping with skateboards and scooters.  He is doing beautifully at these and is not guarding anything at this point from his foster parents and making progress with guarding from dogs.  While he is completely reliable with people, we cannot guarantee he will not guard from dogs and for this reason, is best as an only dog. Niko is very well behaved in the home, knows several commands and is loving his daily outings, sniffing and exploring and walking nicely on leash. He particularly loves his stuffed Kongs.  Niko has done generally well with the polite dogs he has met thus far but can be reactive to some. He has not been tested with cats. Niko would do best in a neighborhood where he can avoid kids, skateboards and scooters in general.  We are looking for a savvy home willing to commit to continuing his positive reinforcement training and maintain his good diet and weight.


UPDATE:  Niko has adjusted well to his new home at the Beach; we knew this would be a good placement for Niko given all the time his original mom spent with him at the Beach but had no idea he would make headlines for helping to rescue a couple stuck in a riptide.  Well done Niko!


ADOPTED May 2014

Bruno is an 8 year old boy that we rescued from the Downey Shelter thanks to Sunny Saints Rescue who helped us to pull this boy out of there, given he was listed as a "Saint Mix".


Bruno is currently being evaluated and settling in to his foster home where we hope to learn more about him.


Bruno won the hearts of his foster family and their Bernese and is staying with them in what is now his forever home.


Not Available May 2014

Jack is one of the most heartbreaking rescues we have ever been involved in and we are sorry to report that Jack has crossed the rainbow bridge and cannot be placed.


We rescued Jack from the Pasadena Animal Shelter after learning he was a 7 year old owner turn-in because "he was sick".  We did not know how sick he truly was until we picked him up and found him in a truly dire condition.  After x-rays, bloodtesting and ultrasounds, the advanced cancer made our only option clear as we had no other options to keep this sweet boy comfortable.


He was a truly sweet boy and we are happy we were able to get him out of the shelter, shower him with love and affection and give him the loving passing he deserved.


Run Free Jack!


ADOPTED April 2014

Hailey came to us with her sister Panda and is a happy puppy in need of a committed home.


UPDATE:  This photo now depicts an adolescent girl who has adjusted well to her new home and is now enjoying nosework.


ADOPTED April 2014

Panda is a happy and healthy puppy who is a bit shy and reserved and in need of good socialization. She has been turned in to us by her new owners after family challenges prevented them from keeping her, and her breeder is not providing any support.


UPDATE:  Panda is now "Emma" and doing wonderfully in her new home! Congratualtions Emma!


ADOPTED March 2014

This 8 year old girl is available through The BMD Rescue of Northern California. Kona is looking for a special home who will not mind her hip dysplasia. She is a loving girl who is happy to hang out with you around the house, go for car rides, take short walks and be your best friend.


Northern Cal Rescue has done a full physical and all bloodwork is normal, ultrasound of all major organs is clear, and she is doing very well on her joint supplements.


We are looking for someone who is home much of the time, and can offer Kona a one story home as she cannot do stairs.  If you think you are Kona's forever home, please contact Terri Whalen at



No Longer Available

Bubba is from a situation where the owner passed away and no one in the family can take him.  They already have  several dogs.  Bubba is still in his home while it is waiting for a buyer.  He needs a forever family as soon as possible.  He is used to having an acre of property to oversee, but likes being in the house too,  He is neutered and likes other dogs (females, but we are not sure about males yet), is used to cats, and is a little aloof with strangers, but warms up quickly. He is mannerly and takes treats gently from your hand.  He is seven years old but looks younger.  He is in good weight and is active.   When walked in the park, he showed us that he was interested in other dogs but passed them by nicely, even when the little Schnauzer barked ferociously at him.  A place to swim would be great for him as he likes the pool in his current yard.  Bubba would love to have a home who would appreciate the time with an active  senior Berner and would give him the love and attention he misses.


We are sorry to report that Bubba has been diagnosed with advanced cancer and will not be re-homed as a result. Bubba will remain with his family and enjoy the time he has left.

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