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The Club & Membership

Thank you for your interest in the BMDCSC.  Our Club is comprised of people with a common interest in this breed; some show in AKC conformation and performance events, but most enjoy this breed as loving companions. The BMDCSC's region includes all of Southern California as far north as Santa Barbara and east to the Arizona Border, but membership is not restrictred to any geographic area.  All are welcome!
Berners, Berners in California

The BMDCSC welcomes any individual with an interest in Bernese Mountain Dogs, whether you currently own one yet, or not.  Residency in southern California is not required, and we welcome members from all areas. Your membership not only supports our club operations and activities, but it further supports our mission to preserve, protect, and educate about this breed.

We encourage those who are considering this breed to join our Club in advance and take advantage of the opportunity to learn about this breed from Berner owners firsthand.


Membership in our club includes a subscription to our newsletter, "BernerTales," and club communications through our members only online discussion group.  Our club events exist for the benefit of our breed and owners; members are encouraged to attend events of interest and help support the breed’s heritage and club efforts.



  • Complete the Application & Code of Conduct

  • Mail your dues check payable to the BMDCSC with application and COC

  • All can be mailed to: 

       Patti Lambert, Membership Chair

       711 Goldenrod Ave

       Corona del Mar, CA  92625


Contact Membership Chair 

Patti Lambert 

Club By-Laws & Constitution

The BMDCSC was founded in Southern California in 1986.  Our Constitution and By-laws are the governing documents of the BMDCSC.

​For the BMDCSC Constitution: 


For the BMDCSC By-Laws: 

Bernese Drafting
How the Club Can Help:


Our Club is here to help anyone in our area with their Berner and answer questions.


If you are dealing with an issue of any kind with your Berner, or simply have any questions, we have knowledgeable people ready to help answer your questions.  Diet?  Health? Trainers or Behaviorists? Vets or Orthopedic Specialists?  We can help!


In addition to Rescue and Breeder Referral, we can also offer assistance in getting started in conformation, performance events including drafting, herding, nose-work and tracking to name a few, and introduce you to mentors in a variety of areas.


The BMDCSC actively supports health research in our breed, including the Berner Repository at Michigan State University and the Canine Health Foundation.  We can answer questions about all current research, help you to enter your Berner, and ensure your participation to help address the threats facing our breed.


In addition, please be aware of the California Puppy Lemon Law that applies to all dogs purchased in Petstores and high volume internet breeders; please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this:


​Don't hesitate to contact us and ask those who know this breed best...

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